Bayou Café is ‘a Weather Forecast’


Franklin Brown has owned Bayou Café at 5688 Airline Highway in Scotlandville since 2000.

Brown says his first love is Southern University, where he graduated in 1975. He says the entire North Baton Rouge community comes in close second. In his last 14 years of business, Bayou Café has become something of a meeting place. In the mornings, the place is slammed.

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Tess Brunet Offers ‘a Music Education’

In a cozy little duplex in Beauregard Town, Tess Brunet runs a neighborhood record store. 

The Houma native opened the store with her partner Patrick — he’s from Maine. And he’s the one who came up with the name, Langiappe Records.

“He was so enamored by South Louisiana and New Orleans and he’s discovering all these things about this region and you know Lagniappe is you know it’s normal to me I know what that is, people anywhere else besides here they see that word and they’re like ‘how do you say that?” she jokes. “He fell in love with this area.”

After touring the country as a musician, Brunet landed in New Orleans, but she kept being drawn back to Baton Rouge.  

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Meet the Neighbors

Everyone can think of a character they know. Someone who puts their mark on the community. Someone who just has a colorful personality. Someone you just want to know more about.

Meet The Neighbors introduces you to some of the remarkable people who live and work in the Baton Rouge area. 

People like Tess Brunet, who has lived in New York, Los Angeles and many other cities, but chose to start a business in Baton Rouge. “There’s a lot of young people who are trying to make their city better, and that’s infectious,” she says. When she returned home to New Orleans after four years as the drummer for Deadboy and The Elephantmen, she found herself spending all her weekends in Baton Rouge. She and her partner Patrick Hodgkins opened Lagniappe Records last year.

Do you know someone like Tess? We want to meet them and hear their story. 

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